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About Our Headshots

Head Shots have been the main focus of Amanda Hunter Photography for the last 6 years. Our goal is to get you the perfect Head Shot to suit your specific needs. What does that mean? Well, we want to:

  • Make sure you stand out from the competition
  • Improve your marketability
  • Show personality as well as professionalism
  • Give your customers/clients the best first impression

We are living in a visual world. Your Head Shot is your first visual representation of yourself or your business. Whether you’re trying to get the perfect job, or sending in an acting portfolio, you have a fraction of a second to make that initial impression. My modern aesthetic will give you the edge you need to set you a part.

Our sessions are relatively quick, but can take as long as you need to feel comfortable in front of the camera. With our convenient downtown studio location, we can easily fit you in before work or on a lunch break. We will coach you through natural posing and expressions, so you look your absolute best. Rest assured, we will shoot until you are happy with what you see.

To take advantage of all we have to offer, we strongly suggest in-studio portraits. However, we are more than happy to shoot on-loaction if needed. On-location fees apply.