Food Photography with Bella Bella in Tallahassee, Florida

One of the absolute BEST shoots I have ever done has been at Bella Bella in Tallahassee. I started my journey as a Commercial Photographer in Tallahassee about 5 years when I shot for a local honey company called Hot Tar (check out my blog about them HERE!). After that, I was hooked in this genre. I was extremely lucky when Bella Bella needed menu images for their app and I was ready and willing! We brought our gear on location to the restaurant and got started going through the ENTIRE menu…. oh my word it was unbelievable. I never thought in my life I’d be able to call myself a food photographer, but looky here! 🙂

Appetizers come first!

App 8 WM  App 13 WMBubble Bread Appetizer  App 16 Small WM

Next is the main course!

Entree 9 WM  Entree 16 WMEntree 22 WM  Detail Macro Photographer Tallahassee

Craving something on the light side?

Salad 6 WM  Salad 11 WMSalad 12 WM  Salad 17 WM

Orrrr maybe a sandwich or wrap??

Sandwich Product Photographer  Sand 10 WMSand 11 WM  Sand 12 WM

Now that that’s all settled, it’s time for dessert!!

Dessert 3 WM  Dessert 5 WMDessert 9 WM  Dessert Food Photography

Happy Hour? No problem!!

Bar Commercial Tallahassee Photographer  Bar 5 WMBar 9 WM  Bar 14 WM

So are you hungry yet? That’s the goal. Any time I am shooting food or products, I ask myself, “Do these images make ME want this product?” The answer always has to be yes for me. That’s the goal! If you’d like to download Bella Bella’s app, follow this link! You can get a free appetizer!!

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